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    Founded in 2004, GDL is your one-stop shop for managed services, cloud and disaster recovery solutions.

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GDL’s Disaster Recovery services deliver reliability to your critical systems and data based on your business requirements without the costly requirements of traditional methods. Our services do not require you to purchase any licenses or hardware and still permit you to operate your infrastructure in the way you would normally do.

We have developed comprehensive tools tailored to various business needs which drastically reduce business Recovery Time Objectives while maintaining Recovery Point Objectives using an all in one solutions for a smooth recovery experience. With added layers of security and our experienced engineering team, GDL can handle the most complex business requirements.

The Key Deliverables that Guide Us

Our mission is to ensure that your company is up and running within minutes of any emergency by

implementing skilled engineers, innovative technology that years of experience.

Integrated Solution for backup and disaster recovery needs

All in One Solution

We offer a single integrated solution for all of your back up, disaster recovery and data retention needs. So there is no need to look all over for individual IT services.

fast restoring of the system


Our replication tools have the capacity to recover your system within minutes so your organization can be protected against unforeseen outages.

fully managed services


No need to worry about application modifications or upfront purchases. Our onboarding process ensures seamless implementation. It’s as simple as that!

support by our team

Highly Supported

Dedicated, exceptional support from an engineering team that understands your business objectives and unique technology requirements, recognized by all industry and government standards.

initial test a part of your onboarding process


GDL’s services are so straight forward that we make the initial test a part of your onboarding process. Simply put, there is no need to pay any extra upfront for this service. It’s on us!

Protect each application individually

Cost Effective

Cut traditional disaster recovery costs in half with a competitive monthly pricing model along with the flexibility to expand your recovery strategy as your business grows. Protect each application individually so you can prioritize what can be recovered first.

Our Team

GDL’s diverse team is made up of skilled engineers, knowledgeable support and exceptional technicians. Our growth is fueled by an insatiable curiosity and drive to enhance our ability to bring you the best service possible. Get to know us below!
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