• Advanced Monitoring

    GDL's diverse monitoring system tracks a vast array of indicators in your infrastructure including temperature and power supply statistics.

Advanced Monitoring Incorporating top of the line monitoring tools, you can rest assure your critical systems will be maintained and optimized while preventing issues you may not even know were possible.

Bringing you peace of mind.

GDL’s Advanced Monitoring service tracks leading indicators in your infrastructure such as: CPU, capacity, and memory utilization, including device and server availability. You can be rest assured that if an issue arises, you will get the notifications you need to effectively maintain your IT performance.

GDL’s advanced monitoring services observes your most critical servers to maintain their health and performance. Our key metrics ensure optimized performance for CPU, disk, memory and network utilization.  Network problems are identified from interface statistics through devices and servers.  Our team uses advanced network monitoring software to monitor fault and availability, to aid in detection, diagnosis, and resolution of your network performance.

Key Metrics:

Diverse System

Monitor hardware health, alert and report on key device metrics, including temperature, fan speed, and power supply status, disk and array status.

User Research

Network routing monitors and alerts on large, complex network routes, including support for major routing protocols.


Virtualization allows for monitoring and reporting on key metrics of physical host servers and hypervisors, the virtual machine monitors, and the applications running inside the VMs.

Persona Development

Our Automatic IP network services help maintain accurate and up-to-date IP inventory.

Rapid Prototyping

Wireless network monitoring retrieves performance metrics for access points and wireless controllers, wireless clients authentication, and attacks.

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