• Disaster Recovery FAQ

    Is Disaster Recovery Right For You?

A recent survey conducted by the DR Preparedness Council shows 73% of participants worldwide are failing in terms of disaster readiness, scoring ratings of either D or F grade. The costs of outages remain a major challenge for many organizations, according to the results.

Q.     How does it work?

A.      GDL customizes the solution based on each individual client needs, we discover your environment and gathering your business requirements and we convert those requirements to technical abilities.

Q.     What is there to discover?

A.      When doing the discovery, we look for network connectivity from and to the GDL or your own DR site, we make sure your remote sites, if any, are capable to connect to the DR site in case of a disaster declaration. Then we gather the information about your server systems, checking for IP information, OS type and version etc.

Q.     Why do you need to check the network?

A.      As part of the service GDL provides, we want to make sure that what we deliver to you is truly going to work in case of a disaster, we don’t sell you the software separately, the hardware, the licenses etc., GDL’s specialty is to provide the DR as a Service.

Q.     Why do you care what OS we are using?

A.      We do care for simple reason – we need to match the software solution that we will be choose to use for you based on the gathered information, this part is essential to install and implement the right solution that will fit your needs.

Q.     What software solution do you use?

A.      Our software solution can be one of many or many, depending on the business RPO schedule and RTO requirements, GDL will pre-select the most suitable solution for your needs. And if the elected solution is not suitable – GDL will be replacing it or complimenting it with another solution.

Q.     We got a quote, but your price was higher than how much the software and the hardware would be if I were to do it myself, why?

A.      There is a reason why GDL does not compete with other cloud based services, our specialty is service, and that’s what the cloud lacks, GDL charges more for the service, we charge the same cost if not cheaper if you combine all the services you receive from us together.

Q.     What is the standard term with GDL?

A.      We usually try to have a sustianable business with each client for 36 months, the reason behind it is that the ROI on it is really coming to effect within this time, and you get the chance to work with our DR specialists, which will make it so much simpler and easier when you are ready to do it yourself if you ever intend to.

Q.     How does GDL price the DR Services?

A.      GDL prices the service mainly based on capacity, retention, RPO and RTO.

Q.     Is there a Proof Of Concept available before we sign up?

A.      Yes, we do offer a paid trial, usually priced standard as a set up fee, but if you decide to sign up, we don’t change the set up fee and you are being protected from day one.

Q.     Can we see a demo?

A.      Each client environment as the RPOs and RTOs are different, therefore the best demo would be through the POC model.

Q. Who can be interested in Disaster Recovery as a Service?

A. There are four types of clients who may need the Disaster Recovery service:

  1. For business compliance reasons
  2. Clients with an existing DR plan that either isn’t working right for them or adds a lot of operational cost (ie. maintenance of second site, software, hardware etc.)
  3. Client who needs this for survival reasons, if all their data is saved electronically and if their site was to burn to the ground, flood etc. that would ruin their business completely.
  4. Clients who know they need DR but are not sure how to implement and are unaware of the option of DRaaS.


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