• Web Content Filtering

    No need to worry about internet threats with our end-to-end monitoring and web filtering tools.

Content Filtering GDL’s approach combats web-borne malware by providing security solutions to protect your infrastructure from malicious activity and to ensure your user’s data stays safe.

Securing your entire network against threats.

Combating incoming and outgoing threats is critical to secure your IT infrastructure. Equally important is optimizing internal IT resources to help meet the ever changing needs and demands of today’s data centre.

GDL web content filtering is a comprehensive around-the-clock service that provides enterprises with web browsing protection for corporate users and enforces corporate usage policies.

The service protects your network from unwanted, unauthorized activity or misuse of internet access in the LAN, blocks undesired URL’s, and unwanted content before it enters your network. GDL’s URL filtering and AntiVirus services provide protection through the detection of web-based threats and stopping sensitive information from leaving your corporate network via the web.

GDL’s Web content filtering services seamlessly filter web browsing internet traffic through HTTP & FTP based on content, site category, your virus policy, and custom black & white list. Our service helps your business comply with regulations and enforce appropriate organizational internet usage policies.


Setup and Installation

We apply a mobile-first approach to insure your site is optimized across platforms, defining user flows for each device before undertaking design.

End-to-End Monitoring and Reporting

Every project begins with an examination of the target audiences including personas, behavior mapping and goal prioritization.

Incident Management

We have a detailed process for uncovering your brand’s essence and translating that vision into an online communications strategy.

Configuration Management

Effective marketing begins with a deep understanding of the target audience. Personas are narrative based composites of your audience segments that can act as foundational assets for all your marketing efforts.

Release and Deployment Management

We employ a number of responsive frameworks that allow us to quickly validate ideas in an interactive setting before embarking on a costly development project.

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